20+ Summer Boredom Busters

Summer Boredom Busters

We live in the most amazing place.  The Okanagan has so much to offer families in the summer.  Soft, sandy beaches, crystal blue lakes, u-pick orchards, amazing water parks, gorgeous nature parks and many classic tourist attractions.  We try to take advantage of our surroundings whenever we can.  
But even the best laid plans can lead to kids who declare “I am bored” more often than we as parents would like.  After racing through the summer bucket list we may wonder “what else can I possibly do with these guys?”  Or perhaps we are just looking for a few activities to keep the kids busy around the house for a day or two.  Here is our complete Summer Boredom Buster activity list…


Summer Activity (3)

1. Backyard Obstacle Course.  Gather a few supplies from around the yard: skipping rope, soccer ball, badminton set, hula hoop etc.  Lay them out in a sequence and challenge the kids to do a set amount or repetitions {skip ten times then hula twice for example}.  Time each child then see if they can beat that record.
2. ABC Scavenger Hunt.  Draw the abc’s in chalk on the sidewalk and have the kids find things around the yard that begin with each letter.  This activity is particularly great for elementary school aged kids.
3. Photo Scavenger Hunt.  Take photos of things found around the yard.  Print the photos out and have the child find each item.  This is perfect for preschool aged kids.
4. DIY Waterslide.  Got a slide?  Fasten the garden hose to the top for an instant backyard waterslide.



Summer Activity (5)

5. Hide and Go Seek.  Hide five or ten similar items around the yard and have the kids “seek” them.
6. Sardines.  Have one child hide in a predetermined area.  The other children then try to find the hidden player.  When they find the hidden child they hide with them until everyone has found the first hider and everyone is “hidden” together.  This is fun inside and outside!
7. Driftwood or rock painting.  Pull out the acrylic paint and brushes for a classic summer craft that requires very little planning.
8. Colour Diffusing.  All you need is coffee filters and crayola markers.  Have the kids colour the coffee filter then add water to see how the colours blend together.
9. Slide Art.  Tape a roll of paper to the surface of the slide.  Have children dip marbles in paint and let them roll down the slide.


10. DIY Splash Pad. Got a tarp or plastic shower curtain?  Add water for an instant splash pad!
11.  Sponge Bomb Waterfight.  Cut up a few sponges from the dollar store for a fun twist on the classic waterfight.
12. DIY Pop Bottle Sprinkler.  Poke a few holes in the bottom of a 2L pop bottle.  Duct tape the bottle to the end of a garden hose, hang it from a tree and enjoy!
13. Bug Collecting.  Send the kids out with a small container and challenge them to find as many different bugs as they can.




14. Go Geocaching!  Explore your local surroundings while hunting for “treasure”.  Visit geocaching.com for more information.
15. Sensory Bin.  Fill a rubbermade bin with water, sand, rice or beans.  Add buckets and scoops for a perfect preschool activity.
16. Fruit Picking.  Visit a local orchard to pick your very own fruit straight from the tree or shrub.
17. Ice Age.  Freeze a few superheroes or dinosaurs in water.  Challenge the kids to break out their toys!
18. Glow-in-the-dark Balloons.  Staying up late?  Place a glow stick in a balloon before blowing it up.  Instant entertainment all night long.




19. Sidewalk Chalk Painting.  Combine 1 cup cornstarch, 1 cup water and food colouring.  Send the kids out with paintbrushes to decorate the driveway.
20. DIY Bubble Wands.  Challenge the kids to use household items to create unique bubble wands.  Who can make the biggest bubble?
21. Equipment Swap.  Hook up with other parents to trade and borrow toys and/or equipment.  Keep the summer fresh and exciting with fun new supplies at little to no cost!  Do you have a slip n’ slide?  Swap it with another parent for a little bounce house.  How about the little tykes car?  Trade for a scooter! 
Hopefully this list will help to keep the kids busy and active all summer long! 
Do you have more activities to share?  We would love to hear them!
Originally written for Okanagan 4 Kids.
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