Apple Butter

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Today is all about {simply delish} Apple Butter.
I found a recipe here that uses a crock pot, here’s my take:

I LOVE this recipe! Using a crock pot certainly cleared off some space on my stove top. For more canning!

We took the boys apple picking in my Grandma’s orchard last weekend. It was a blast! We harvested 4 large, reusable, bags of apples.

I don’t have much in the way of fancy apple core/peeler gadgets so the less prep work the better. I quartered, cored and sliced my apples {skin on}.

My crock pot full of ingredients ~ apples, 2c. sugar, 1t. cinnamon, 1/4t. cloves and 1/4t. salt.

I cooked the apples on low for most of the day {about 8 hours}, stirring frequently with a whisk.

Then I hauled out my magic bullet {ha ha} and blended the mixture ~ a food processor would probably be a better choice. I threw it back in the crock pot and cooked for another 2 hours.

I poured my mixture into hot, sterilized jars and voila! yummy Apple Butter!

My kids love this with crackers but it would be good with pretzels or on toast too! I am no expert so if you have any tips or techniques, please share!!

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  2. katskraps4kids says

    I forgot how much I love apple butter-till I saw your post. & I never dreamed I could MAKE apple butter-till I saw your post! Looks simple enough for even ME to do & I even have a crockpot somewhere hidden in a cabinet…I will make some this weekend and tell you how it turns out…

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