April Instagram

The month of May seems to be running on fast forward.  
Can you believe that it is almost summer?!?

It was great to take a look back on all of the crazy fun that we had in April…

The boys are SO different.  And I love that! 
Here’s one of their preschool art projects {can you guess who is who?}
And made t-shirts for myself and a friend.
I tend not to share too much of my journey publicly.  
My family {whom I love} are not Christian and find it difficult to understand my views.
I am truly enjoying my quiet walk with God and feel like He and I have an amazing relationship too.  
I painted our deck.  And gave it a Complete Deck Makeover!  
Loving our new outdoor space.
We had a few days of really warm weather {before it would snow again}.  
Here are the boys bouncing on the trampoline with the sprinkler underneath.

 We headed out geocaching too.

 And took to the beach ~ in April!  Whoop whoop!

We had a lovely visit from our foster son, Lenny {who gave me permission to share his photo}. 
We are so proud of him and the boys shower him with love and attention whenever he comes by.

I began another session of my Pinspired Projects class.  
Note:  The only “markers” that stuck to a mug for us were glass paint markers from DecoArt.

 We tested out some new Green Smoothie and Fruit Puree Popsicles.  Yum!

 Cousins played a favorite board game.

And my mom and I did our first outdoor Farmer’s and Crafter’s Market!

It was a whirlwind of a fabulous month.

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