Camping Tips with two year olds

We’re camping again! Without daddy ~ who has to work ~ eeek! Isn’t this the cutest pic of Isaiah during our travels last weekend?

A few tips for camping with two, two year olds:

Don’t go {ha ha just kidding}
Be sure to zip tie alternate exits to the tent {so that Baby B doesn’t try to deek off into the woods like a yeti}
Pack folding pink dolly strollers {for miscellaneous stick, rock, firewood pushing}
Be prepared for marshmallow goo to stick everywhere {and for everything to stick to it!}
Throw your dirt phobia out the window {Baby A did, even going so far as to give good ol’ dirt a taste test}
Don’t forget to bring more than one movie for the portable DVD Player {or you too will be able to quote CARS at will} ps. how did our parents ever live without this thing?
Most importantly be safe, have fun and enjoy making memories!!!
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