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Hello friends!
We travelled to Disneyland last month and before I forget I wanted to share these Canadian Random Acts of Kindness with you.  I had never been to Disneyland as a child and felt that we were so blessed to have an opportunity to go while the boys were still young.  I sometimes feel like vacations can be a bit self centred and over commercialized.  So I wanted to make sure that we still took the time to hand out a few Canadian Random Acts of Kindness.

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It was a simple concept really.  I purchased a bunch of “Canadian” items at the dollar store before our trip.  Magnets, key fobs, cards, pins etc.  I thought that it would be fun to put a Canadian spin on things as this was our first trip into the US.  
We attached these cute little labels to all of our items and laminated them for extra durability.

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Our trip was seven days, with five days spent at Disneyland.  Each day I put six random acts of kindness into my purse and we set out to enjoy our adventure.  I had chatted with the boys about our RAK and asked them to keep their eyes and ears open for opportunities to spread some love.

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A few of my favorite RAK experiences were:
The lovely older woman who tirelessly cleaned up the seating area at McDonalds near our hotel.  Isaiah handed her a RAK and she nodded, smiled and handed it back to him {she did not speak English}.  He said “no, it’s for you,” passing it to her again and well she was just so happy and grateful that she went and showed her co workers as well!
The 10 year old boy who shared a spot in line with us while waiting for a ride on Peter Pan’s Flight.  We spent about 30 minutes in that line and the entire time he played with and entertained our boys until they were giggling uncontrollably.  Cameron whispered to me “Mom, random act of kindness” so that I could quietly pass him a RAK to share with his new friend.
The young woman who was ahead of us in the United Airlines check-in line.  Seeing that there was a large delay and very slow service, she kindly allowed us to move ahead of her, speeding up out own check-in.  A quick thank you and RAK helped to show our true appreciation.
We ended up handing out nearly all of our RAK items and it felt good knowing that we were spreading a little love even while on vacation.
Do you have any favorite Random Acts of Kindness experiences?
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