Candy Corn Container Tutorial

candy corn container craft
 I love seasonal crafts!  Today I am sharing these festive Candy Corn Sour Cream Containers.  These are my absolute favorite containers to create for just about every occassion.  Super cute as candy corn right?!

candy corn diy container #candycorn


Yellow paper
Paper cutter
White paint
Orange paint
Paint brush
**or patterned candy corn paper
Double sided tape
Paper crimper
Candy corn
Cut the paper to 5.5 inches by 4.25 inches.
Paint orange and white stripes on the paper.
When the paint dries flip the paper over and stick three strips of double sided tape to the paper as shown.
Peel the longest strip of tape off to create a tube.
Next peel one of the smaller pieces of tape off and squish the end together.
Fill the container with Candy Corn!  #nomnom
Now peel off the last piece of tape…
and squash that end together!  Kind of fun right?!

 Finally run each end of the container through the crimper to seal the deal.

candy corn container tutorial
These would make fun favours, Halloween hand outs or school party treats.
candy corn craft
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