Christmas Activity Advent Printables

Christmas Activity Advent

This year we decided to change up our Random Acts of Kindness calendar.
Each December we try to participate in a number of activities that help us to remember the meaning behind the season and that it is not about what we get during the holidays but about what we give.

Christmas Activity Advent (4)

In past years I have written out activities and placed them into our Advent Calendar on certain days.  So for example if the activity was “bring in someones garbage can” then I would make sure to put it in our calendar on garbage day.  To be honest this was really hard to keep track of and some days we just didn’t have time to do the activity or we didn’t feel like decorating cookies.  So this year I created these free printable activities for our advent.  Click here for page one and here for page two.

Christmas Activity Advent (3)

Rather than organize them into our dated advent we now have two mason jars.  One jar holds all of the activities that we could do throughout the month and when we have completed an activity we place it into the other jar.

Christmas Activity Advent (5)

I hope that this will help us to complete more Random Acts of Kindness throughout the month.  The boys have already enjoyed reading through all of the activities and want to do multiple ones each day!  I will keep you posted on how it all works out is year 🙂
What is your advent calendar tradition?
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  1. Carla says

    We had the same trouble in the past with our dated advent activities – love your idea! Thanks for sharing!
    Clicked on the link for your printable and it brought me to google drive – but can’t see the file 🙁

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