Crochet Beard Pattern

crochetbeard (7) If you have been following me on Instagram then you know that I have been on a bit of a crochet beard making kick.  With Movember {and November} came this fun fascination with facial hair I guess.  Darcy asked me if I could make him a bearded hat and so the bearded hat making began….
K Hook {6.5 mm}
Worsted Yarn
Yarn needle
ch ~ chain
ss ~ slip stitch
sc ~ single crochet
dc ~ double crochet
st ~ stitch
Here are the instructions to create a child sized beard {for a 5-10 year old}.  For adult sizes just start with a longer chain and add a few more dc to the center of each round.  I used VERY thick brown yarn to give my beard a thick, puffy look.
crochetbeard (8) Round 1 ~ ch 32, turn {32}
Round 2 ~ ss 5, sc 22, ss 5, turn {32}
crochetbeard (1) Round 3 ~ ss 5, sc 2, dc 6, ch6, dc 6, sc 2, ss5, turn {32}
crochetbeard (2) Round 4 ~ ss 5, sc 4, dc 14, sc 4, ss 5, turn {32}
crochetbeard (3) Round 5 ~ ss 5, sc 6, dc 10, sc 6, ss5 {32}
Tie off your yarn.
You can continue after round five, adding more sc and fewer dc to make a longer beard if you want.
crochetbeard (4) I like to try my creations on a model to make sure that I get a good fit.  Here is a bearded Isaiah.
crochetbeard (5) Now to attach your beard to a beanie.  For this smaller sized beard {32 ch}, I marked off 28 st on the beanie.
crochetbeard (6) Then I sewed each end of the beard to the beanie, 28 st apart.
Here is an adult version.
For the adult beards I attached a button to each end so that the beard could be attached and removed from the beanie at any time. 
These bearded hats are perfect for cold winter weather and winter sports because they keep the whole face warm while outside.
Please let me know if you have any questions!
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  1. carrie says

    You wouldn’t have any interest in creating a video for the beard & beanie would u? I am learning to crochet, but I learn best from videos & I want to make this for a friend of mines son. TIA.

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