Crochet Slippers Pattern

Crochet Slipper Pattern
Today I have a quick Crochet Slipper Pattern for you.  As I detailed in this post, I’m on a mission to complete a few crochet projects for Christmas this year.  
J Hook
Worsted Yarn 
Yarn needle
ch ~ chain
ss ~ slip stitch
sc ~ single crochet
hdc ~ half double crochet
dc ~ double crochet
st ~ stitch
I have instructions for a wide foot with the pattern for a narrow foot in italics and a child’s foot in bold.  You will have to try the slipper on to determine how long you want it to be.  Gauge and hook size are not super important for this project as the yarn will stretch as you wear the slippers.  When in doubt make a smaller slipper {as I have a pair that have stretched and keep slipping off}.  In the photo above I have a narrow pair of slippers on my wide feet. 🙂
Here we go:
April 2012 542 
Round 1 ~ ch 8 {ch 6 for child}, ss into the first ch, creating a circle
Round 2 ~ ch 1,  work 12 hdc into the circle {10 hdc / 8 hdc}, ss to join, turn
Round 3 ~ ch 1, work 2 hdc into each st around {24 hdc / 20 hdc / 16 hdc}, ss to join, turn
Round 4-6 ~ ch 2, dc into each stitch around, ss to join, turn
 April 2012 341 
You’ve created the toe of the slipper. April 2012 342 
Now to create the back.
Round 7 ~  ch 2, work dc into each stitch around minus 4 stitches {the opening for your foot}, ch 2, turn
Round 8-12 ~ dc into each st around, ch 2, turn {20 dc, 16 dc, 12 dc}
Continue in this manner until the slipper is the length that you want it.  For the boys {child size ten} I had six rounds after the toe piece.  For myself {women’s size 8} I had eight rounds after the toe piece.
When you’ve completed your rounds to get the length you want, fold the back in half and sew the sides together using your yarn needle.  Sc around the opening of the slipper and you are done!
April 2012 539  
Fast right?
April 2012 348 
I hope that you find them as easy to make as I have!April 2012 346 
Isaiah requested a black pair. April 2012 350  April 2012 343 
Cameron wanted red but settled for blue after I ran out of red yarn.
April 2012 351 
Thanks for visiting!!!
Have fun crocheting!
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  1. CaroNZ says

    Thank you for your fab tutorial. I have been searching and searching for a fast simple & fantastic slipper pattern, and am halfway through the first one & had to comment!

    A friend is SOON starting her first teaching job, with 4 5yr olds – whom she’d like to have slippers for the classroom. With your FAB pattern, I may get them done in time & be able to surprise her! Thank you!

  2. Jessica Riley says

    I made a pair for my 6 year old son and he was so excited when he got home form school and his slippers are ready for him. I also made a pair for my sister. I am now making a pair for my 7 year old son. I let them pick their own colors and they decided to go with two colors instead of the same color to mix it up. I love these they are so quick and easy to make.

  3. Brii says

    Thank you so much for this simple pattern! I first tried to make a pair of lace up crochet flip-flops, and I can tell you, it was a complicated, tangled mess. These slippers actually stay on my feet, too. I would like to share than in order to get rid of the triangle-ness of the heel of the slipper, at the end, instead of doing 16 dcs, I did 5 dcs, 6 dc2togs, and 5 dcs. I know adding in dc2togs kind of defeats the purpose of simple, but I figured I’d share. Thanks!

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