Decoupage Easter Eggs Tutorial

Decoupage Easter Egg TutorialDo you decorate for every holiday?  I usually pick a couple of my favorites {Easter, Christmas} and keep the rest of the year pretty neutral.  I love to decorate for Easter because it usually means that spring is just around the corner.

While I have added a number of knick knacks to our seasonal decor {this bunny was only $1 at the thrift store}, these decoupaged eggs have remained the same for the last few years.

Easter Craft

I thought is would be cool to show you how I created these lovely eggs.  
They were originally posted ages ago here.

I wanted something neutral, similar to speckled eggs, with a pop of color.



  To make your own you will need:
Mod Podge {or a mixture of white glue and water}
a brush
scrapbook paper
egg forms {I used both Styrofoam eggs and plastic eggs}


Begin by tearing up the paper and soaking it in a bit of water.  This makes it a bit more flexible.  Be sure to wipe off the excess moisture.  Tissue paper or paper napkins would work too and you could skip this step.


  Next coat the egg in Mod Podge, apply the paper and cover with Mod Podge.  Continue until the entire egg is covered.  I covered one side of the egg then set it in an egg carton to dry before covering the other side of the egg.

Easter craft

    Display in a dish or bowl.


These are such an easy way to add a touch of Easter to your home AND coordinate with any color scheme.


Hoppy Spring!


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