Dessert Pancakes

 Hey y’all!
I guess that these are more like ‘leftover pancakes’ because we just tossed left over chocolate chips and skor bits from our campfire cones into the batter.  But then they turned out so sweet and delicious that, had we been anywhere but camping, they would be reserved for dessert! 
 I like to downsize our pancake mix and put it into a ziploc bag for camping.  I make sure to label it with the amount and recipe.
 I added about 1/2 cup chocolate chips and skor bits to the batter.
Then fried them on a griddle over the fire.  {Here’s where we forgot to pack the Pam Cooking Spray and had to use butter on the griddle, then ran out of butter!}
Good though right?!
Stop trying to lick the screen.  Really!
Definitely kid approved!

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