Dinosaur Bento

Let me be the first to say that we need a few more sandwich cutters.  Okay maybe need isn’t the correct word.  Want might be more appropriate.  So I might have ordered a few more fun sandwich cutter shapes from Bento USA.  I can easily see our bento box supplies becoming a bit of a collection.  I may need to join a support group.  Or create a bento supply sharing group.  We’re getting serious around these parts.

Bento Box Lunch (8)

Okay all joking aside dinosaurs never really get old and this bento was super fast and easy to create!

Bento Box Lunch (6)

These containers were found at Target for only $3.99.  I like that they have a separate little compartment that is perfect for dip.  This bento included:  a dinosaur jam sandwich with candy eyes, sliced red pepper and cucumber, a mini banana muffin, baby bell cheese, ranch dip with skewered grapes and blueberries.

Bento Box Lunch (7)

You might have seen these DIY chalkboard paint lids that I created a while ago.  So fun!  The boys can’t read yet but I have told them what their lids say so that when they open their lunch kits they will remember that mommy loves them and smile.
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