DIY Canada Day T-shirts

DIY Canada Day T-shirts (33)

Every year we like to create personalized T-shirts for Canada Day.  It gives the kids a sense of pride and ownership when they decorate their own t-shirt.  There are so many fun ways to make a one-of-a-kind Canada Day shirt.  How about this Canada Day Pocket T, this Canada Day Tie T or simply using your child’s hand print as the maple leaf in the center of the flag?

DIY Canada Day T-shirts (28)

This year I had the kids paint their own Canada flags.  We used Tulip fabric paint and Tulip fabric markers which can be found at Walmart or Michaels.

DIY Canada Day T-shirts (3)

I sketched the outline of a flag onto the front of each t-shirt and had the kids “colour” it in.

DIY Canada Day T-shirts (5)

Isaiah chose to paint a blue flag.

DIY Canada Day T-shirts (7)

While Cameron went with the more traditional red colour.  He also added the word “Canada” all around he t-shirt.  Very personalized to say the least!

DIY Canada Day T-shirts (39)

The boys couldn’t wait to wear their creations.

DIY Canada Day T-shirts (40)

They wore their Canada Day T-shirts to preschool the very next day.

DIY Canada Day T-shirts (44)

Do you have any crafty Canada Day traditions?

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