DIY Chalkboard Bento

DIY Chalkboard Bento

Today we are creating a Chalkboard Bento Box for under five bucks!  
That’s right
With my littles headed to school this week I wanted to personalize one of their bento boxes so that I could add special messages to their lunches.  Here’s how you can too…

Chalkboard Lunchbox (14)

Chalkboard Lunchbox (3)

I found these bento boxes at Target in Canada for 3.99 and I had painters tape and chalkboard paint laying around.  Seriously painters tape and chalkboard tape?  Awesome.  What else can I turn into a chalkboard?

Chalkboard Lunchbox (4)

Start by taping around the section of the bento box that you want to turn into a chalkboard.  Keep in mind that this isn’t a “permanent” paint job as it will likely get scratched and worn in multiple back pack trips to the lunch room.  If you want it to be more durable you could add a coat primer at this point and sealer at the end.  Of course don’t throw it in the dishwasher either.  

Chalkboard Lunchbox (8)

Spray paint the bento in a well ventilated area.  I love this rustoleum chalkboard paint found at Walmart.  
Slightly addictive.  Don’t say that I didn’t warn you.

Chalkboard Lunchbox (10)

Allow the paint to dry, peel off the tape and voila!
Instant momma message board.

Chalkboard Lunchbox (11)

I used my ifreakingloveit chalkboard marker from Michaels.  It won’t rub off when brushed against something but can be washed off with water.

Chalkboard Lunchbox (1)

All set for school!

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