DIY Holiday Cracker

DIY Holiday Cracker

Hi everyone!  I have one last Holiday craft to share with you today.  What I love about these do-it-yourself holiday crackers is that they are super fun for almost any occasion!  So if you don’t have time to make them for Christmas, why not New Years??  Or create a cute cracker as a birthday party favour!  Fun right?  Okay here is how to create your very own…

DIY Christmas Cracker-009

These simple brown paper packages would be easy to dress up for all sorts of occasions.  The possibilities are truly endless and I think that I need to make more… very soon.

DIY Christmas Cracker

The supplies:

Craft tubes (or paper rolls)

Cracker strips (found at Michaels)

Paper for wrapping

String or ribbon for tying


DIY Christmas Cracker-001

Pick up a few small items to fill the crackers with.  I went with silly staches, mini stampers, chocolates and mini flashlights #forthewin!

DIY Christmas Cracker-002

For our Christmas feast I also went with simply embellishing our crackers with bakers twine, tags and these adorable reindeer (found at Target).

DIY Christmas Cracker-003

Begin by filling the tube with all of your goodies and the cracker strip (don’t forget that fun popper!)

DIY Christmas Cracker-004

Wrap the tube and tie each end with ribbon or string.  Be sure to leave enough room for guests to grab each end of the cracker strip and pull it.

DIY Christmas Cracker-006

Ahhh there is just something about brown paper packages that is therapeutic.  hee hee

DIY Christmas Cracker-007DIY Christmas Cracker-010DIY Christmas Cracker-011

Do you have any “go to” party favours?!  Please share…

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