Dress & Tie Refashion

Okay peeps this is my first “fashion” post. Be gentle.

I have attempted many a sewing project for myself. With all sorts of curves ~ I’ve never been happy with any of them ~ until now.

Have you seen the gorgeous dress refashions all over blog land? I have. And I love them! Check out more examples here, here and here. And a fab tutorial here.

I bought this dress at a second hand store for $7. Cute. Could be cuter {if cuter were a word}. Then I grabbed a too short brown tank, cut the top of the dress off and sewed them together.

I also picked up this tie. {Great colours right?}

And combined it with this belt buckle.

I ran my tie through the belt buckle and pinned at my desired length.

And threaded the larger end of the tie back through my buckle.

Awesome. I know. Wish my hubs had more ties.

Dress and Tie Refashion

Had to share this one. Our fashion shoot was at a local park ~ we took the boys to feed the ducks ~ and it poured rain. Poured. But the birds were fun. Especially this pigeon on my head. Yup. Fun.
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