Fall Treasure Box Tutorial

 Our boys are super excited to go back to school.  They have missed over a month of classes here in British Columbia due to a teacher strike and lock out.  We have high hopes that kids will be back in school next week.  So with that in mind we made a few Fall Treasure Boxes as a gift for our teachers.

 We plan of filling them with a few goodies to help teachers make it through the busy day.
To create a fall treasure box you will need:
leaf shaped boxes {found at Michaels}
tissue paper
mod podge
paint brushes
It is a good idea to protect your work surface with some wax paper, especially if you are doing this with kids.  You don’t want your box to stick to the table.
Tear up the tissue paper into small bits about 1/2 inch in size.
Now paint the box with mod podge and layer with tissue.
 Be sure to work in sections so that the mod podge doesn’t dry out before you get to it with a piece of tissue.
 Add a piece of twine and you have a very festive fall treasure box!
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    such a cute box!! I love this idea for kids! pinned it… oh and I LOVE the new look around here ;o) I was just over a couple of days ago to see if it had changed and it hadn’t… so a fun surprise today!!! Hope the move here went well…

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