Father’s Day Activity T-shirt

Father's Day Activity T-shirt (3)

The boys and I had fun yesterday creating this Father’s Day Activity T-shirt for Darcy.  
They loved it, I loved it and daddy loved it {we couldn’t wait to give it to him}.  
The idea comes directly from the Blue Basket blog ~ thanks for sharing Jessica!

Father's Day Activity T-shirt (5)

I really wanted the boys to be involved in creating this t-shirt so I sketched out a road and houses
 for them to colour in.  The image is on the back of the shirt so that when the boys play cars
on the road they are also giving dad a back rub *wink*. 
We used Tulip fabric paint markers.

Father's Day Activity T-shirt (10)

Cameron and Isaiah loved this project!  Have I said that already?!?  
They had so much fun colouring in the images together.

Father's Day Activity T-shirt (17)

They divided the houses between themselves and shared all of the markers.  
It truly melts a mommas heart when her kids spend more than five minutes playing together nicely.

Father's Day Activity T-shirt (18)

 Look at this!  Colouring together!  Sigh… it was awesome.

Father's Day Activity T-shirt (1)

And they did a great job.

Father's Day Activity T-shirt (2)

We even signed out names.  Cuteness overload right?!?
If you’re looking for a last minute idea for dad this one is a hit!
Seriously easy, fun and quick to create with the kids.

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