Frozen Smoothie Push Pops

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Summer is hot, hot, hot around here!  And the kids are always asking for cool treats, mostly freezies, slushies and icecream from the corner store.  Today I have the perfect solution for keeping the kids cool and hydrated in a healthy way *cheap too*!

The first step is to grab these awesome Popsicle Molds from Amazon.  I bought two sets a few years ago and use them all the time!  Simply fill them with your child’s favorite smoothie recipe and place them in the freezer until good and solid.  I often use this Green Spinach Smoothie Recipe but you could totally add fruit and yogurt or cocoa and almond milk… the possibilities are endless!

Now when the kids ask for a frozen treat full of sugar and food dye (lol) I direct them to the refrigerator at home!  They grab one of these out of the freezer and push the frozen smoothie pop from the bottom to reveal a healthy, delicious, chilly snack!

Okay, I seriously need to go make more of these now…. the cocoa and almond milk idea sounds yummy… what would you put into these Popsicle Molds??

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