Fruit of the spirit ~ plate it forward

I have been meaning to share this project for a long while and it keeps getting bumped down the list.  But I just love this idea so much.  It’s too good to bypass any longer 😉
During our winter Pinspired Project class we experimented with the whole Sharpie Mug craze.  I decided to create a plate.  As I was sketching ideas one of my students asked if I had heard of “plate if forward”.  I hadn’t.  It’s a very simple concept, she explained, where you give someone a plate of goodies.  Think homemade cookies or brownies.  When the plate is empty, the recipient then gives it {with goodies} to the next person and so on.  I love this idea!


So my fruit of the spirit plate was born and is soon to be plated forward.


I hope that it has a long and fruitful journey.
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