Gardening 101 ~ Perennials

Welcome back to Gardening 101, where I share my garden escapades with a few tips thrown in for good measure.
Today I am sharing a few of my favorite bulbs and perennials.  These are the best kind of garden plants, especially for laxidazial gardeners like me, because they generally come back year after year.

Above we have a lovely bearded Iris

 Lone Pine Press has a whole series of books based on identifying plants and animals.  This one is a great beginner book full of perennials.  I found it at Costco years ago.

 Here is some of my Sedum which does well in our arid climate.

And a gorgeous fuchsia Azalea.
Some sweet Bleeding Heart.
And my favorite and most recommended Silver Mound.
Off to go water these lovelies…
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