Hair Week Inspired

I’ve been following Hair Week over at I Am Momma Hear Me Roar.  
I love all of the fun styles and inspiration!

The thing is, I have short hair, and have since high school.  
I love my hair but sometimes get bored with the plain old ‘bob’ style and cut.
I want some variety, some style, some fun!
And don’t get me wrong… I’ve done short pixie, long bob, spiky, funky colors, streaks, feathers… you name it.  Check out a few old photos here.
But now I’m looking for fun… not crazy 😛

So I gave myself some bangs!  Totally inspired by this {awesome} video…

Cute right?!

And while Darcy is somewhat skeptical, I love them!  
And I have been rockin’ a few new dos.  I recently gave myself a few curls and got rave reviews on facebook.  
So I’ll post my ‘how to’ curly hair soon.

Stay tuned!

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