Holiday Painting for Toddlers

One of the fun projects in our Advent Calendar was to paint a picture for GG. They turned out so great that I just had to share! The boys LOVE to paint… at preschool. Here’s our mess free {kinda} version for home:

I started with lining our table with paper. And cutting holiday shapes out of black cardstock.

I glued the black cardstock onto blue cardstock using repositionable glue. I planned this craft right before bath time and stripped the boys down to their ginch. Then I let them have at it with coordinating paint colours {we used acrylic paint}.

Here is Isaiah’s angel before.

And after I pulled off the black cardstock.

Here’s Cameron’s snowman before.

And after.

We can’t wait to give these to GG! Try this at home ~ super easy and a TON of fun.
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