Holiday Tree Farm Photo Shoot

Hello, hello friends!  Can you believe that Christmas is upon us?  Every year the holidays seem to sneak up on me.  I always wish that they would last just a wee bit longer, that we could savour this time and the memories for a few more minutes, hours or days.  I took our little family up to a local Christmas tree farm to capture these special moments before they were all gone…

Cam has grown up so much this year!  I’ve really seen him mature and come into his own.  He is such a spirited, creative, charismatic guy.  He and I volunteered at Living Nativity again this year.  We served cookies and greeted guests in the great hall.  I was so proud of how well he did, it was a great experience for him that helped to build his confidence and self esteem.

Isaiah is always making me laugh.  He has such a caring heart and is often cheering for the underdog.  I have pages and pages of quotes from him, little Isaiah-isms.  “You are the most loving mom in the whole universe.  I am so grateful for you.  I can’t imagine a life without you!” – Isaiah “What do you want to be when you grow up?” – Me  “A nice person.” – Isaiah  Cute right?!?

My sister and her fam joined us at the farm.  I brought my Canon Rebel camera and we took photographs of each other.  It was the perfect way to capture the fun and not worry about hiring a photographer!

The whole real tree cutting process is one that I had never experienced.  I think that we may have to incorporate this into our annual traditions!

What a beauty!

Picking out what to wear for family photos is always the hardest part for me!  I think that we did okay.  I had to run to the thrift store right before this photo shoot to find a red shirt for myself.  I like that it peeks out under this poncho that I purchased from my friend Yolanda at Nest & Nurture.  I get so many compliments on my poncho!

Of course a holiday tree farm photo shoot would not be the same without a snowball fight!

Good aim!

Nice shot bud!! lol

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas this holiday season! xoxo

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