How to Create Chalkboard Wall Art

Chalkboard Wall Art

The biggest puzzle for me when creating our Gallery Wall was what to do with this metal @ symbol that I had picked up on clearance at Homesense.  The original color just didn’t work with our decor.  So I decided to create a chalkboard wall art piece that would be a fun accent to our home!  Let me show you how easy it was….

At Symbol

Begin with the art piece that you want to transform.  Symbols, large letters and signs are all fun to transform!  Spray paint the entire accent with black chalkboard paint.  I have a stockpile of paint from Walmart that I keep for just such an occasion.  Be sure to give your piece two coats of paint and allow it to dry completely.

Chalkboard Wall Art

Next “season” the piece with chalk.  Simply rub a piece of chalk all over, gently.

Chalkboard Wall Art

Wipe the chalk off with a dry cloth and you are all set to hang your unique chalkboard wall art.

Chalkboard at Symbol

Isaiah was my little helper for this project – the kids love to skribble all over with chalk!  We don’t have many after photos because we decided that the darkness of the @ symbol didn’t really suit the gallery wall but I thought that it was worth sharing because it would be such a fun idea for the right space!

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