How To Decorate With Plants

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Beautiful plants in varying shades of green can help to transform a space.  They are a wonderful way to bring a bit of nature and the great outdoors inside.  House plants are also a very economical way to accent the decor in your home.


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Using large potted plants to fill an empty space beside a sofa or on a shelving unit can not only add a sense of warmth and texture to your space but also provide an item of interest at little cost.  The plant and pot on this shelving unit only cost $20 at Walmart.  A sculpture, piece of pottery or display of knick knacks could easily cost twice as much.

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Choose plants that have an interesting pattern, shape or texture. 

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Coordinate house plants with your decor by potting them in containers that suit your colour scheme.

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Use interesting containers to pot your plants.  Here I have used a coffee mug to add interest to this display.  Other containers that I have used in the past include:  tin buckets, wicker baskets, ceramic bowls, fruit bowls, pottery jugs, jars and cups.  As long as you place a layer of small pebbles or rocks at the bottom of the container for drainage you may use just about anything to pot your plants in.

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Succulents {pictured above} and cactus are great plant options for those who may not have had luck with other plants in the past.  They are very low maintenance.  The butterfly plant {the first photo above} and mother-in-laws tongue {what a name hey? lol} plant are also hardy options for newbie indoor planters.  Be sure to choose plants that are safe for small children and pets too.  
Do you have a favorite plant or display?  Please share!
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