If you go out in the woods today…

you might run into a bear!
Seriously I love the great outdoors but this was a little too close for comfort.


Back in the day I had a job as a park interpreter.  I spent most of my spring and summers out in the woods.  I ran into porcupine, fox, beaver and even a moose but never had I come this close to a bear!  It wasn’t until we took a leisurely bike ride and stroll with the family that I had my first encounter of the bear kind.


We headed up to Myra Canyon for a bike ride on the old railway trestles a few weeks ago.  
It’s absolutely gorgeous up there!  Kelowna and the trestles were also recently featured on the first episode of the Amazing Race Canada which was cool to watch.


It’s the perfect spot for trail riding on the bikes.  Darcy and the boys took off while I trekked with the rest of the family.


The trestles are pretty cool and set in a section of the park that was basically burnt to the ground in a huge forest fire ten years ago.


It was at this trestle that I was taking photos with my Canon Rebel of the lovely berry bushes along the trail.  I looked up for a second and there she was…


She trundled down the trail and walked right under our trestle.  I did the whole, throw your hands above your head to make yourself look bigger and call out “Yo Bear” so that she knows you’re a human, thing.  I probably looked ridiculous.  Um.. who are we kidding I totally looked ridiculous.


She chose to ignore us and go back to berry eating.  
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