Beaver Lake ~ Campsite Review

Just a couple of weeks ago we were at Beaver Lake camping with the boys. 
This is one of our most favorite spots!
Beaver Lake boasts a great playground for the kids, tons of trails for bikes and ATVs, a beautiful lake for swimming and fishing, hot showers and flush toilets!!! 
Our only complaints are that the sites can be somewhat dry and dusty and that the road up to the resort is not well maintained and has been know to shake Harley’s right off the back of a vehicle.
This was our set up at Beaver Lake.  We like to pick a spot close to the playground and washrooms for the kiddos.  This was site #18 I think.
The boys had fun, walking daily, to a spot where a million little frogs {toads?} were easy to spot and catch.
Western Spotted Toad if I remember correctly from my park interpreter days 😉
The boys spent hours at the playground.
While Darcy and I spent hours perfecting the smore?
Everyone seemed to have a different take on what the perfect marshmallow was.  Cameron and Daddy liked them burnt and charred.
While I preferred to take my time and melt them to golden perfection. 
Isaiah skipped the whole roasting part all together.
Mmmm smores!
I think that this might be our last trip of the summer.  Boo hoo! 
We’ll have to keep the memories alive until next year!

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