Keeping It Real ~ I am a terrible writer….

I am a terrible writer.

I am such a visual person that a picture truly speaks a 
thousand words for me.

In all the years that I have scrapbooked, 
journalling was the last thing that I would add to the page.
Not because I hated my handwriting but because I didn’t know what to say.

In blogging, I feel like every post needs a picture and some posts
could be left to understand through photography.
I have been slacking lately.  Just writing the bare minimum to get by.
Just the facts ma’am.
Letting the pictures speak for themselves.

But pictures can’t really speak, can they?
They won’t tell you the background or history of the situation.
They don’t explain the funny anecdote that led to that smile.
They can’t describe the aroma of the fabulous fried chicken.

Life is great.
As a family we had a really tough winter.
We shifted and regrouped and became stronger.
Time moves on and we are blessed.

I am so genuinely happy that perhaps that shines
just a little, 
through my photos?

So if words cannot convey
stare deeply,
look closely 
or just follow the journey on facebook or instagram

I thank God each and every day for what He has provided
and the journey of faith that He has led me on.

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  1. Sky says

    I appreciate your instagrams so much, Heather! This in itself is well written- you are better than you give yourself credit for… Even when we are trying to Keep It Real, there’s only so much that we can say or really want to let people in to, eh? I think that’s ok too… Hope Spring continues strong for you!

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