Keeping It Real ~ Pathways to purpose…

Have you ever wondered what your purpose is?
What you were meant to do?

I wonder that all the time.  And now with the boys going into Kindergarten in September, it feels like there is a world full of possibilities that are opening up to me.  I just got back from an amazing Leisure Development  Conference that was truly inspiring.  Over the past few months I have been able to really reflect on my purpose and my passions and have come up with a few personal mission statements.  

I want to teach and inspire others to use their own gifts.
I hope to continue my work in coordinating recreational programs and special events.
I am choosing to market myself, not a product.

One of the courses during the conference was called Developing and Using Motivational Skills.  I loved this class and the instructor was pretty awesome, her name is Crystal Flaman and you can find her work HERE.  She gave us multitudes of tools that we could use to motivate ourselves and our coworkers/staff.  So many of the things that she talked about really resonated with me.  One of my core values is to live with intention.  To have a plan, to have a goal and be committed to it.

Each course during the conference came with an assignment that is due in the fall.  Crystal asked us to complete “The Intentional Living Project”.  Awesome right!? 

Here is our assignment:
Pick two goals {one personal and one work related}
Create benchmarks for our goals {activities}
Log how it goes over 90 days

I would really love for you to join me or even just follow along as I strive to complete these tasks.  The more people we tell about our goals and the more cheerleaders that we have, the more successful we can become.   You can follow my progress daily on Facebook and Instagram.

So here are my goals:
Lose 20 lbs and blog about my progress weekly
My “high value activities” {done daily} are: 30 minutes of activity, 
logging onto My Fitness Pal and 
drinking 8 cups of water.

Sounds easy right?  Not for me.  When it comes to my personal healthy and fitness, I put myself last on the list of importance.  Don’t we all do this?  Especially as moms?  If one of my major goals it to pursue my career in recreation then my weight is truly holding me back, pulling me down.  I am a super confident person but when it comes to being competitive in my field of work, I feel like the outside needs to match the inside a bit more.  During class, Crystal passed around a bowl of rings with different words engraved on them.  I closed my eyes, fished around a bit and pulled out the one pictured above.  It was perfect.  I am absolutely horrible at staying committed to my own personal health and fitness.  I hope that this symbol will act as a daily reminder to put myself higher on the “to do” list and stay committed to this activity and my goals.

I promise to post before and after photographs of my progress {please hold me to that}.  And I will report my failures and successes along the way.  

Chat soon!

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