Keeping It Real ~ Random Acts of Kindness and a To Do List

Can you believe that it is December already?
I wish it could be December year round.
I love the feeling of the holidays, the good cheer and the well wishing.
It all gives me a warm fuzzy feeling 🙂

We start our Random Acts of Kindness Calendar today!
I would love to have you follow along ~ I will be posting weekly updates on Saturdays during the month of December.  You can find more RAK info HERE.
I have been trying really hard to get most of my Christmas gift making and baking done before December so that I can relax and relish in all of the holiday activities.  But I still have a few things on the To Do List.
I can’t function without a to do list. 
And I will put things on the list that I have already done,
just so that I can cross them off!
So here is what’s on my list right now:
Mail canning and cookbook to Papere
Mail canning and cookbook to Meme
Mop the floors
Sew at least two boho bags
Sew coordinating hand warmers
Buy rice
Size and label leg warmers for craft fair
Help the boys clean their room
Organize lego
Photo shoot with new lego floor mat
Watermark and edit cookie photos
Create a lego travel box for the boys
What’s on your To Do List?

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