Keeping It Real ~ the year ahead

The Year Ahead

I feel like I need to have a plan.
A set of goals.
A resolution.
A thoughtful reflection on the last year.

Alas I have none of those things.
I am scattered.
Without purpose.


What I do know is that I will be taking a step back 
from blogging to focus on family more.  

Inspiring creativity lives within me.
Projects, recipes and tutorials will still be posted often 
just not daily as in previous years.

Be sure to follow me on facebook or instagram.
I am always crafting and creating…
but may not share it all here.

Am I the only one feeling not quite together this year?

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  1. Sky says

    Amen from me! I usually feel at least some degree of additional energy at the start of the new year, but this year I feel rather like just sleeping in more! 😛 Good for you for at least knowing that you’d like to focus on family more. I am always amazed at the level of productivity you keep- no doubt it is exhausting and you deserve any break you choose to take 🙂 I’m off to follow on instagram 😉 Have an awesome weekend, hon!

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