Knox Block Jello Dinosaur

Knox Block Jello Dinosaur (21)

“Holy Jello Dinosaur Batman!!!”
Is what your kids will proclaim after you make them this totally fun treat.

Knox Block Jello Dinosaur (1)

The boys had friends over for lunch and a play date last week and I thought that it would be cool to create this for the littles.

Knox Block Jello Dinosaur (2)

I purchased a dinosaur sand mold from Superstore.  And told the boys that before they could use it at the beach we would make a jello dinosaur with it.  I gave the mold a good wash and sprayed the inside of each piece with non stick cooking spray.

Knox Block Jello Dinosaur (3)

Then I filled each piece of the mold with Knox Block Jello.  If you are not familiar with Knox Blocks, they are just a very firm version of Jello.  Perfect for cutting and molding.  
The goods:
3 {3 1/4 oz} pkg of jello
4 {1 oz} pkg of Knox gelatin
4 cups of boiling water
Combine the jello and gelatin in a bowl.  Pour the boiling water over top and stir until the jello crystals are completely dissolved.  Pour the mixture into desired tray or mold.  Allow to set in the refrigerator for at least two hours.  

Knox Block Jello Dinosaur (4)

I refrigerated the jello overnight.  I had to prop some of my molds up with butter knives so that they would stay level on the cookie sheet.

Knox Block Jello Dinosaur (5)

It took some work getting each piece of the dinosaur out of the mold.
Patience and non stick spray on the molds is a must.

Knox Block Jello Dinosaur (9)

But oh so worth it! How cool is this?!?

Knox Block Jello Dinosaur (12)

Most of the pieces came out pretty clean ~ the claws were the hardest part.

Knox Block Jello Dinosaur (15)

The kids were thrilled and got to choose which dinosaur “part” that they would like to eat first.  I think that I accidentally made the dinosaurs neck part of its tail.  What do you think?  The kids didn’t notice anyway and the boys are happy to take the dinosaur mold to the beach now 😉
This would be pretty fun for a dinosaur themed birthday party.  Or what about trying to create a knox block castle with a sand bucket?  Or a knox block flag for Canada Day?   So many possibilities…
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