Learning To Crochet

I decided, two weeks ago, to teach myself to crochet.
If you’ve been following along on Facebook then you know that there have been ups and downs.  And many requests for project photos!  So here they are:
I started with this video and created my first tiny, unintentionally hour glass shaped, wash cloth.
My goal was to create a brimmed beanie so I followed this video and learned to crochet in the round.  Until I ran out of yarn.
I finally had enough yarn to complete a beanie and followed this video to add a brim.
This is crochet project number three.  Took me a few tries but I love the end result.
I started watching ‘how to crochet’ videos one Friday morning and completed this beanie by Sunday night.  You CAN do this!!!
I have moved on to actually following patterns now.  The pattern for this cozy is from Lauren at Tutus and Tea Parties.  I love it!  I picked up this yarn having no idea what I would use it for until I stumbled upon Lauren’s pattern.  Thanks Lauren!!
You can find these Coffee Cozies in my shop.  Great colors hey!?
Join us on facebook for sneak peeks and crochet updates.  And check out my etsy shop for Custom Party Murals, Monster Dolls or even your very own Coffee Cozy.
Thanks for following along!
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