Little Boy Belt Tutorial

Boy Belt Tutorial

Hi friends!
As many of you know, my guys are obsessed with Superheroes.  And Star Wars isn’t too far behind on the list of favorites.  If you have boys, I am sure that you have some experience with this phenomena yourselves.  
These belts are fun and easy to create!  Using scraps of fabric the possibilities are endless.

Boy Belt Tutorial

I decided to create a whole bunch of belts because
a) my guys a pretty little.  Their pants are always falling down!
b) working at a childrens clothing store, I know that belts for boys are really hard to find.
c) I have had a giant bag of D-rings in my sewing stash for a long time.
Now I have fun belts for my boys and have added them to my market table at our local Farmer’s and Crafter’s Market.

Boy Belt Tutorial

Each belt costs about $2 to make.  Score right?!
And I wanted to let you all know, my tutorials are always meant to inspire creativity and support other momprenuers.  So if you are inspired to create your own belts and market them ~  sell away momma!  And send me photos. I would love to see them!
Here is how you can create your own Little Boy Belts…

Boy Belt Tutorial (4)

First you will need:
scrap fabric
belt end {optional}
two D-rings
nylon belt webbing material
{found in the notions section}
lighter or matches
sewing machine and sewing supplies

Boy Belt Tutorial (6)

Measure your childs waist and add at least five inches.  Cut the webbing to length and cut the scrap fabric the same length by 1.75 inches.  Melt the ends of the webbing to prevent it from fraying.

Boy Belt Tutorial (7)

Fold the edges of the scrap material into the center, wrong sides facing.

Boy Belt Tutorial (9)

Iron the scrap material flat.

Boy Belt Tutorial (13)

  Now you have a folded strip of fabric that will become the front of the belt.

Boy Belt Tutorial (11)

Sew the fabric to the belt webbing.  Use an 1/8 inch allowance on both edges of the belt.

Boy Belt Tutorial (14)

Now you have a strip of webbing with a fabric front and solid back.

Boy Belt Tutorial (17)

Next attach the D-rings.  Simply thread the belt through the two D-rings, fold over and fasten with a zig zag stitch.

Boy Belt Tutorial (29)

Finally clamp the belt end to the other end of the belt. Or simply fold the end over and sew into place.

Boy Belt Tutorial (35)

You have an uber cute, personalized little boy belt!

Boy Belt Tutorial (36)

Who could go wrong with this superhero and star wars fabric!?  Most licensed fabric is for home use only and cannot be sold after market.  So be sure to check your material labels before planning on selling and marketing your creations.

Boy Belt Tutorial

My guys LOVE their new belts!  I can’t wait to see them all decked out for Kindergarten in September.
Way too cute!

Boy Belt Tutorial

Belt making can be somewhat addicting, easy and fun!
Thanks so much for reading!
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  1. Jennifer Custard says

    Thank you so much for posting this! We had no luck funding fun belts when we went school shopping but now the possibilities are endless 🙂 I used some patterned ribbon and made 2 tonight in just a few minutes 🙂

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