March Instagram

March is OVER!
Where has the time gone?

Here’s a little bit of what we’ve been up to via Instagram.
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 A selfie ~ playing with my cheap, cheap glasses from Zenni optical 
and a little moustache inspiration.
 The boys cracked me up when they said 
“we’re ready to play on the trampoline!!”  
Looks like a full contact sport!  
{With a picnic lunch! hee hee}
 Here they were being turkey’s for an impromptu photo shoot.
 Geogaching!!  Finally it’s been warm enough to hit a few 
local parks for some quick cache finds.

 Or how about some good ol’ worm digging in the back yard?
 Meh.  Spring Break kind of sucked, especially when we were all hit with this not so fun flu bug.  Just when I thought we were in the clear, the next child would get it.  Doesn’t his face speak for itself?  Poor little guy!

March gave us the CRAZIEST weather!  One day it would be in the double digits {warm and sunny} and quite literally the next day, it would be snowing {or hailing, or sleeting, or raining}.  Superheros and transformers started to give the weather report…

How was your March?

Any big plans for April??

My birthday is in April….. and I’m actually pretty old if you start counting **wink** 
I stopped counting around 24 HA!

I hope that you’ve had a wonderful Easter Weekend!!

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