Melting Snowman Ornament

Melting Snowman Ornament (33)

I set up my very first table at a Christmas Craft Fair last weekend.  
Between hosting a Crafty Christmas Open House last week and the craft fair I would say that selling my crafty goodies was a big success.
While looking for craft ideas for the craft fair, things that I could make to sell, I stumbled upon this post by Eyeballs by Day, Crafts by Night.  Maggie was also gearing up for a craft fair and has many, many beautiful, rustic ideas!  I recommend a visit to her blog.  
Anyway I searched Michaels for clear glass ornaments and the sales lady said that they had been sold out for quite a while.  I didn’t have time to really search around so I pinned the idea for next year.  Then last weekend {after my craft fair} I was wondering the isles of Walmart {without kids ~ one can only wonder without kids in tow otherwise it looks more like a dash through the isles} and totally stumbled upon some clear plastic ornaments {not where I thought they would be}.
Thrilled, I nabbed a whole bunch and set out to make some Melted Snowmen Ornaments with the boys for their preschool friends and teacher.

Melting Snowman Ornament (9)

Are they not just darling?

Melting Snowman Ornament (16)

Clear ornaments {glass or plastic} I love that we found the plastic ones because they are safe and super durable for preshoolers.
Salt for snow {or clear glitter}
Orange polymer clay for noses {or card stock or fun foam cut into triangles}
Black polymer clay for eyes and mouths {or peppercorns or pom poms}
Brown polymer clay for arms {or sticks or pipe cleaners}
Ribbon for scarves {or fabric}
Extra ribbon or jute for hanging the ornaments

Melting Snowman Ornament (11)

 Use a pea sized piece of orange polymer clay to form each nose.

Melting Snowman Ornament (13)

Use a pea sized piece of brown polymer clay to form each arm.
Roll many, many, small black polymer clay circles for eyes and mouths.
Bake as directed on the package.  Usually 30 minutes at 275°.

Melting Snowman Ornament (19)

Fill the ornament with 2-3 Tbsp of regular table salt.  
Here I had set up a filling station for the boys to create their own snowmen.
Older children could make their own features out of polymer clay and fill the ornament with salt themselves.  I didn’t want to take my chances with twin five year old boys.  Assembly line fashion works best for them.  And even after instruction some of our snowmen had three noses and ten eyes! 😉

Melting Snowman Ornament (21)

 Our noses, arms and scarves.

Melting Snowman Ornament (24)

The boys love, love, loved creating these!!  
Really.  Loved it!
I am thinking that these could be a yearly tradition ~ child labour for my craft fair??!?  Score!

Melting Snowman Ornament (4)

 All filled.

Melting Snowman Ornament (8)

 And tied with jute and ribbon.

Melting Snowman Ornament (39)

A melting snowman with arms.

Melting Snowman Ornament (2)

A melting snowman with a scarf.
Truly anyone can do this craft!  Try it with the kids ~ they are sure to love it too!
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