Monster Cake Tutorial

Oh My Gosh you guys! I love how this cake turned out!!! If these words could jump off the screen with excitement they would!!!! Woo Hoo!

This little guy {and cutest monster ever!} is actually just a ‘tester’ for my boys’ birthday in October. I know right?!?! Wish I could freeze him ’til then! Cheryl from Sew Can Do shared an awesome recipe for modeling chocolate a while ago. It looks just like fondant!! I love it ~ very easy! Thanks Cheryl!

Did I mention that I have never baked a round cake, never baked a cake in a mixing bowl and never made modelling chocolate let alone iced with it??! No? Well here we go….

I picked up white candy melts and food colouring from Michaels. Basically you microwave the chocolate according to the package instructions then gently mix in 1/2 c light corn syrup. This made enough chocolate to completely cover my cake and decorate it with extras.

I spread out my chocolate mixture on a saran wrap lined baking sheet, covered with more saran and let sit for 3 hours.

Meanwhile I used a stainless steal mixing bowl as my cake pan, put it in the oven and crossed my fingers. I baked my classic white cake at 325 degrees for 1 and a 1/2 hours!!!! That’s how long it took for the centre to be completely done.

Thankfully I remembered to grease and flour my mixing bowl so the cake came out beautifully! {BIG sigh of relief}

I started working with my modelling chocolate again and divided it up into sections that I coloured using paste and regular food colouring.

I worked the food colouring into my chocolate, covered with saran and put into an air tight container. Apparently it will last for months like this.

I ‘dirty iced’ my cake with butter cream. Ha ha {dirty ice} ever watch Cake Boss??? I get a giggle every time they say ‘dirty ice’. 😛

Then I rolled out my largest section of modeling chocolate {dark green} and draped it over my cake. This was actually fairly easy {whew}! I cut off the excess with a butter knife and smoothed seems with my fingers. I used cornstarch to keep my chocolate from sticking to the counter while rolling it out – I think that I may have used too much as I had little white dots in my dark green… oh well… that’s why he’s a tester!

Using miscellaneous kitchen tools to cut out circles…

I cut out lighter green circles and stuck them onto my cake using butter cream icing.

My workspace…

Creating my little monster’s features…. he’s almost {almost} too cute to eat! The chocolate mouth was a pain in the bum… it kept drooping! LOL

Adding chocolate arms and legs… YUM! er I mean cute???

Definitely a winning Test Kitch!

He’s a keeper!
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  1. Jen says

    Your cake is way cute!! I’m so impressed. I’d planned on using the modeling chocolate recipe you linked to next month for my daughter’s 1st birthday. Nice to see how much one bag of candy melts makes.

  2. Astrid @ The Lopsided House says

    OMG! That cake is absolutely adorable! Wondering how to make one for my girls….Love the fact that it isn’t fondant (I like using fondant but dislike the taste).

  3. Cheryl says

    ADORABLE!! I’m so glad you were inspired by my post. I’ll be featuring this in this week’s Craftastic Monday. Be sure to grab a Featured button (and I’d love if you added some pics to the CraftShare Flickr pool too!)

  4. Jen says

    New follower of your blog. I’m a hobby baker and make my own marshmallow fondant that tastes delicious, only downside it’s not always as easy to work with and sometimes sticks to the counter. Will have to try out your modeling chocolate recipe sometime. Wanted to share a new cake tool that I LOVE called The MAT. I do not get anything from them but used it for the first time this weekend and it was a lifesaver. No more having to re-roll out fondant because it cracks or sticks to my counter. It’d help with your problem of the cornstarch being used. Just thought I’d share.

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