Monster Embroidery Hoop Art

Monster Embroidery Hoop (33)_thumb[1]

Do we love monsters or what?!?  
We’ve started craft fair season here in the Okanagan and many outdoor Farmers Markets are starting up again.  After spending last year testing the market waters I have decided to really focus on our Ya Ya Monster Doll niche and only attend fairs and markets where I know that we can be successful and see the highest return for our time.  So the plan for this summer is to go to only the bigger Saturday market in Penticton during tourist season in July and August.  I will keep you updated for sure!  Until then check out the latest addition to our Ya Ya line up…. Monster Embroidery Hoop Art…

Monster Embroidery Hoop (1)_thumb[1]

I absolutely love this chevron fabric and colour contrast of this heart shaped monster.  The one eye is kind of our signature “look”.  

Monster Embroidery Hoop (35)_thumb[1]

Are you a crafter?  Have you tried attending any craft fairs or markets?  I would love to hear about it!
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