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One For The Boys ~ Holiday Edition!!

You are going to love this cute, quick and easy craft
that I originally shared on Kim’s blog, 733 last month.

Dragonfly Designs
I wanted to create something with my little guys that they could use as simple Christmas gifts for their class mates this year.  Here is what we came up with…

Monster Finger Puppets (7)

You will need a variety of felt material scraps, white and black fabric paint, a sewing machine and accessories.

Monster Finger Puppets (8)

Begin by cutting the felt into small rectangles about 1″ x 2″ in size.  We cut some with spikes at the top or with little horns.

Monster Finger Puppets (9)

Sew two rectangles together leaving the bottom side open.

Monster Finger Puppets (10)

Use the fabric paint to create monster features.

Monster Finger Puppets (14)

My boys are six so painting monster eyes, mouths and teeth was the perfect task for them.

Monster Finger Puppets (16) Monster Finger Puppets (19)

Monster Finger Puppets (2)

Here are our monsters all lined up.  We will need to create at least forty four Monster Finger Puppets if we want to hand them out to each classmate {{wish us luck}}.  In the meantime it is fun to play…

Monster Finger Puppets (4)


Monster Finger Puppets (24) Monster Finger Puppets (27)

Thanks so much for reading!
We have one more project lined up for tomorrow with an epic giveaway on Friday!
Stay tuned…
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  1. Julie Chatellier says

    These are super adorable! I have some cute little faces in my embroidery library…. think I might have to make some of these for my childrens’ classroom. I am certain their teachers will enjoy it! Thank you for sharing. ~ Julie @ LA Strawberry Adventures

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