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It seems like just yesterday that I was bringing my twin boys home on Halloween, sitting in the dark and posting this note on the door:
“Just came home from the hospital with twins!! 
Forgot to buy candy.  Sorry!
Happy Halloween!”

DIY no sew superhero costumes
Fast forward a few years and they are turning five. And growing into the most wonderful little individuals. They both chose to have a Super Hero Birthday Party this year {after looking at the other Pirate / Angry Birds options on Pinterest}.
So rather than the traditional goodie bag party favors,
I decided to make individual super hero costumes for each party guest.
DIY superhero costumes
I have created a tutorial for you so that perhaps your little one can become a super hero too!


The details:
Each costume includes a mask, body suit and gauntlets.
Using the following measurements they should fit children sizes 4 – 8.
I used these fabulous patterns for the masks from Jessica at Cutesy Crafts.
I used this great pattern for the gauntlets from Cheryl at Sew Can Do.
Patterns for each body suit can be found below.
What do you mean no sew?
You can put these costumes together using a hot glue gun rather than sewing machine.  Simply glue where patterns say to stitch.  If you chose to use felt and glue then you cannot machine wash the costume – they become hand wash only.  If you use cotton and thread then the costumes may be thrown in the washing machine.
Materials {for each costume}:
I used felt material for all of the costumes.  Felt is a material that I find easy to work with and comes in a wide variety of colours.  It is used mostly for crafts and not generally recommended to be put in the washer or dryer.  You could substitute a heavy cotton or muslin. 
Sheets of craft felt in colors needed to costume design {ie. 1 piece of yellow felt for Batman symbol}
No sew batman costume
Use these steps for each costume.
 1. Cut a piece of felt 14″ x 36″.  Cut an oval in the centre 6″ x 4″.  Cut a slit from the centre of the oval, 4″ down the back of the costume.  Be sure to try it on and make sure that it fits over the head of the child.

 2.  Cut out the super hero logo and/or bodysuit pattern.  Glue to the front of the costume.  Attach the pieces of ribbon to the sides of the costume, one ribbon on each side of the front and back, 8″ from the top shoulder of the costume.  I sewed the ribbon on for extra support.  For a no sew option simply cut a small hole in the felt and tie the ribbon through it.
 3. Paint details onto each costume.
 4. Cut out pieces for mask and gauntlet.  Glue or sew together.  I chose to sew the masks for extra durability.
no sew ironman costume
 Green Lantern
no sew spiderman costume
 There are a few little girls coming to the party too.  You can find their costumes here.


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  1. Sky says

    You are forever outdoing yourself, I swear! These are each amazing- I love how they tie at the sides! My boys aren’t super heroes for Halloween, but these would be awesome for cold winter day fun inside 🙂 You rock, yet again, Heather 🙂

  2. Danae says

    Very, very clever! Well done!
    Also, for another no-sew option, fleece does not fray, so you could use it the same way and not hem it, and it would be more washable. But then, these are so easy, it’s worth taking a chance on them not being washed!

  3. Lisa says

    Thank you so much for the neat idea. I made some of these and some different ones for my 6 year old son. I linked to this page from my blog so others can use your patterns and instructions as well. Thanks again!!

  4. Kim ROCmomma says

    Thank you so much for this tutorial! My kids want to be Wolverine & Spider-Man for Halloween, and I was hoping to make them myself…without sewing. This is perfect. I’m a big fan of “sewing” with my hot glue gun, so this is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again!

  5. Brooke Leiberman says

    your stuff is ridiculously cute! I am going to link my website to some of your costumes for DIY suggestions for Halloween. My site is if you don’t want me to do this/don’t like something about the way I post it please let me know. I also love your unicorn and found it on pinterest!

  6. Christine Fazulyanov says

    I love how colorful and bold these are! I linked this post to my costume website,, because I am always looking for boy costume ideas. I have all girls, so my mind doesn’t work as well in boy mode…:) But thank you also for showing the girl super hero costumes you made–I have a tom girl of my own that would be thrilled with one of those!

  7. Noreen0624 says

    Hi! I would like to thank you for this tutorial. With this, I was able to do a costume for my son last halloween. He insists on having a spiderman costume, so i made it with your tutorial as an inspiration! Thanks! I just love the feeling that my little boy was satisfied with his costume

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