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October was a wonderful, crazy month!

I picked up the crochet hook and have been non-stop crocheting ever since. 
 The boys have a good handle on two wheel biking thanks to Papere and Daddy.
 They have also fell HARD for little lego.  And so it begins…
I found this cutie wondering the neighborhood ~
she spent the weekend with us before her owner came for her.
Honestly I have enough trouble keeping up with the boys messes let alone an adorable, troublesome pup. 😉
 I made myself this crochet beanie {love it} using mosaic yarn.
These cutie pies turned FIVE.  Five!
I am still trying to process it.
 We threw an EPIC Superhero Party for the birthday boys.
And finally ended with some fabulous Halloween shinanigans.
{These are actually dress up costumes I found at Walmart on Nov 1st for 75% off}
Follow the fun on instagram @twindragonflydesigns

What was your favorite part of October?

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