Painting with Snow

Have I mentioned that I teach Preschool? No? Well I do. And it is a blast! I started offering programs for the City’s Parks and Recreation department last fall. I have to say that instructing Move, Groove and Play has been one of the most rewarding.

I was asked by one of the parents, why on earth would I want to teach preschool with my own preschool aged twins at home? Wouldn’t I want a break from toddlers?

At the time I didn’t really have an answer. Who doesn’t need a break from their toddler?

But now I have discovered that teaching preschool has had many benefits and rewards.
It has inspired me to sing more,
to read more and
to create more with my boys at home.

What I learn at preschool through the children and their parents, I take home and use with my own children. So here’s a projected that I tested out on my Preschool Class and recreated at home with Cameron and Isaiah:

Using equal parts shaving cream and white glue they “painted” with snow. {Here’s Isaiah}

They weren’t too keen on finger painting so I pulled out some impromptu “brushes”. {Here’s Cameron}

This one kind of looked like a superhero to me.

Here’s one of the paintings dry and all puffed up!

I am going to make an effort to post more Preschool Inspiration. What do you think of having videos with the ACTIONS to go along with all of those preschool songs? Like Bloop, Bloop Went the Little Green Frog and Zoom, Zoom, Zoom?

Thanks for visiting. Have a wonderful day!

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