Party Foods with a Healthy Balance

Our twins turn SIX this month!  And while I have been busy party planning I have also been sharing a few tips with Okanagan 4 Kids readers.  Here is my article on trying to choose party foods that offer a healthy balance.

Even when planning a birthday party it is important to provide children with a healthy balance of foods to choose from.  For some families this time of year can fill up with birthday party invitations almost every week.  If parties are loaded with sugary sweets and salty snacks it starts to become part of their regular diet.  Most of us want to make our child’s birthday special and treats are certainly a part of that.  But lets consider offering them in moderation.  There are many party foods that can be fun and healthy.

 1.  How about Airline Box Lunches?  Fill lunch boxes or ziploc containers with sandwiches and fresh fruit salad.

2.  Create a baked potato bar.  Provide a wide variety of toppings like salsa, broccoli, cheese and green onions.  A home made salad bar, taco bar or sandwich bar would be just as delicious.

3.  Provide healthy finger foods on fun skewers.  Meat, cheese, pickles or cut up fresh fruit are great options.

4.  Are hot dogs your party staple?  That’s okay, simply pair them with a veggie tray or fruit platter.  Get creative and try to coordinate fresh produce with your colour scheme or party theme.

5.  Use smaller portions.  Consider creating individual servings of snack foods and making mini cupcakes for the party guests.  

I would like to encourage you to get creative and offer a wide variety of healthy snack options at your next party.

Do you have more ideas and tips? 
Please share!

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