Patriotic Perler Bead Cup Covers

Red White and Blue Food Decor and Craft Ideas

Hey guys!!  Are you looking for patriotic ideas?  Today I have teamed up with Abbey from the Cards We Drew and a HUGE group of  talented bloggers to bring you the ultimate list of red, white and blue inspiration!  Be sure to scroll down to the end of this post for our entire portfolio of creative ideas.

Patriotic Perler Bead Cup Covers

I love to create crafts that celebrate the season…. add in a functional use for that craft and I AM SOLD!  These Patriotic Perler Bead Cup Covers would make the perfect addition to your Forth of July festivities!  Make these fun flags with the kids and keep the bugs out of your drinks all summer long!

Being Canadian, we usually spend Canada Day on July 1st down on the waterfront or camping with family.  We have a lot of cross border friends and family so I created two versions of our cup covers.  One for our American friends and one for us Canucks.


Patriotic Perler Bead Cup Covers

Our kids absolutely adored this idea!  They are perler bead fanatics and have been creating all kinds of cup covers  – seriously you MUST follow along, we have tons of ideas in store for you all summer long!  Let’s begin by gathering our supplies…

Patriotic Perler Bead Cup Cover-002


Circular perler bead board (17 pegs in width or larger)

Red, white and blue perler beads

Parchment paper


Patriotic Perler Bead Cup Cover-005

We created these designs using a peg board that was 15 pegs wide.  This size was perfect for our kids plastic cups.  If you want to make these for adults be sure to use a board that is at least 17 pegs wide.  The cup covers in our final photos are 17 perler beads wide and work well for adult cups.

Patriotic Perler Bead Cup Cover-004

Leave a hole in the center of the cup cover for a straw to go through.  Wouldn’t it be fun to create a variety of flag designs?!?

Patriotic Perler Bead Cup Cover-001

Use the parchment paper to cover the beads and melt them together using the iron.  Carefully melt one side until the holes in the beads just begin to close.  Then flip the project over and repeat the process on the other side.

Canada Flag Cup Cover

Just like that, we have some super fun Canada Flag cup covers.  Perfect for celebrating Canada Day!

And American Flag Cup Covers, perfect for celebrating Independence Day!

American Flag Perler Bead Cup Cover

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