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PEC Folder DIY-001

Hey guys!  I am passionate about working with children with exceptionalities.  Every day I am learning new strategies, techniques and skills that allow me to better help these little ones navigate their world.  Today I am sharing the unique folder that I created for one of my students.  “PECS” stands for Picture Exchange Communication System which is a way for some children to communicate more easily and provides them with a visual schedule.

PEC Folder DIY-002

This folder is kept on my students desk.  I have taped just the top fold to the edge of the desk so that when it is not in use if can be flipped over to hang off of the edge of the desk rather than resting on top.  The PICs or “pictures” were created using Boardmaker, a software program that has standardized symbols to use as visual aids.  I laminated the PICs and the folder for extra durability.

PEC Folder DIY-003

All of the PICs are attached with velcro.  The folder holds all of the PICs that we may need in a typical week at school.

PEC Folder DIY-004

On the back of the folder I glued a large envelope.  I keep all of the PICs that are seasonal in this spot.  Special events, holidays, things like that.

PEC Folder DIY

The front of the folder is where all of the action happens.  I set it up in the morning with our daily schedule under “today”.  The length of this strip of velcro usually only gets us to lunch time.  After lunch I set up the remainder of the school day.  This system works out great because often there are changes to the schedule mid day.  “Now” is helpful in identifying what the student should be doing at this moment.  I change it to the current task that we are working on as the day progresses.  My student gets a lot of satisfaction out of putting the PICs in the “done” envelope, especially tasks that are more difficult for them.

This has been a very successful tool for my student and one that I am happy to report works perfectly in our classroom.  Do you use visuals charts for your kids?  What works best?

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