Pin the Heart on the Grinch Activity with free Printable

Pin the Heart on the Grinch Game

Today I am joining the Country Chic Cottage, Mom Endeavors and 30 Minute Crafts for CRAFT LIGHTENING!  Looking for a Seuss Themed craft idea?  Be sure to follow this Dr. Seuss Edition for tons of fun crafts that can be created in just 15 minutes!!   This “Pin the Heart on the Grinch” Game is one of our favorite Seussical activities and I am excited to have made it even faster and easier to create with a FREE printable!


When our twin boys turned two (over five years ago! Eeeep!) we celebrated with a Dr. Seuss inspired Birthday Party.  I created this life sized Grinch for a “Pin the Heart on the Grinch” game for the party.  It sparked a lot of interest in my etsy shop and I actually began painting and shipping giant party murals all over the world!  As my interests changed so did the direction of my shop and I stopped creating these life sized Grinch Games.  So I thought that it would be cool to offer you a way to make your own “Pin the Heart on the Grinch” quickly and easily for your home or classroom.

Grinch Game Printable

I created a printable sketch of the Grinch that can be printed on 8.5×11 paper.  If you are familiar with your printer settings you could even blow up this drawing to create an even larger Grinch.  A life sized Grinch would make a fun addition to the classroom or at a party!

Download the Grinch Printable One and the Grinch Printable Two.

Printed Grinch Game

Print the Grinch onto green paper and have children cut him out to create their very own “Pin the Heart on the Grinch” Game.  Just add hearts cut out of red construction paper.  This would make a fun individual class activity or craft at home.  Simply blindfold children, give them a spin and have them try to “stick” the Grinches heart in the correct spot.

Grinch Game

I’m off to check out all of the other Dr. Seuss inspired ideas!!  Thanks for visiting!!



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