Pineapple Ruffle Dress

This Pineapple Ruffle Dress was a custom order that was totally fun to create.
I carved the pineapple stamp into craft foam and used fabric paint to create the print on the fabric.

I may be having just a leeettle too much fun with fabric stamps.  Check out my Peacock Ruffle Dress or Moustache Dresses to see what I mean.

Pineapple Ruffle Dress (2)

The pineapple detail turned out even better than I could hope for.

Pineapple Ruffle Dress (3)

   The added pop of lime green ruffle and straps tied it all together.

Pineapple Ruffle Dress (8)

I used a fabric medium that I simply added to acrylic paint.

Pineapple Ruffle Dress (9)

Have you tried any fabric stamping?
Fun right?!

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