Pink Camoflauge Ruffle Skirt

Hi friends!
I been doing more sewing than usual this summer.  
I tend to put the sewing machine away when the weather starts to heat up. 
But this year I just have so many things that I want to make and not enough time!
I am really excited about “back to school” for the boys and have a whole bunch of easy boy wardrobe projects in the works for August.  Be sure to stay tuned.

Pink Camo Ruffle Skirt

These little skirts were made as additions to our market wares.  
My mom and I have been experimenting with a few farmers markets this summer. 
It’s been a huge learning experience and lots of fun!

My friends with girls have gone gaga over the pink camouflage and tulle!  
I followed my simple skirt tutorial from last year.  
Truly a quick and easy project.


The green camo is pretty darn cute too!
So how about you?
Do you do a lot of sewing in the summer?
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