Plants vs Zombies Birthday Party

Plants vs Zombies Birthday Party-004

Hey guys!!  I am finally sharing all of the details from the boys’ Plants vs Zombies 8th Birthday Party with you.  As they get older, party planning gets simpler but I still love to pull out the themed decorations and have a good time at home.  This year they met all of their friends at Lazer Tag and after that we headed home for some family fun.

Plants vs Zombies Birthday Party-003

I love using printables for easy party decor.  That has always been the one thing that makes our parties super easy to put together, finding the perfect, printable party pack!  I purchased this one from Pinwheels and Pom Poms on etsy.

Plants vs Zombies Birthday Party-002

Tip: Find a birthday party printable package that includes an invitation!  Then party planning is made even easier, if that is possible!  I printed out bottle wrappers, banners, invitations, food labels and a few other decorations.

Plants vs Zombies Birthday Party-029

I also ordered a bunch of Plants vs Zombies plushies on eBay.  I used them as take away gifts instead of goodie bags.  The kids LOVED THEM!!!

Plants vs Zombies Birthday Party-006

When the family came over for snacks I had a buffet set out on our kitchen island.  First I covered the island with a green table cloth and created the signature Plants vs Zombies grass checkerboard with square green napkins.

Plants vs Zombies Birthday Party-036

Water bottles wrapped and zombie-fied.

Plants vs Zombies Birthday Party-024

Lime juice and 7-UP became “Spinal Fluid”.

Plants vs Zombies Birthday Party-046

I set out mostly finger foods for a little appy party with family.

Plants vs Zombies Birthday Party-043

Chicken wings became “decomposing limbs”.

Plants vs Zombies Birthday Party-041

Meatballs were “Zombie Heads”.

Plants vs Zombies Birthday Party-035

Cheese bread was “severed fingers” and pretzels were “spare bones”.

Plants vs Zombies Birthday Party-034

Our custom cookies from Sarah’s Sweets were “Peashooter Pops”.

Plants vs Zombies Birthday Party-032

Chips were “zombie munchies”.

Plants vs Zombies Birthday Party-023

The kids loved eating all of the yummy food with the gross names!  LOL  That’s eight year old boys for ya!

Plants vs Zombies Birthday Party

We also played Plants vs Zombies in between games of Lazer Tag.  These were also printable which made coordinating a party game even easier!  I laminated them to use again later.  Prizes were these silly monster erasers.  The kids loved it.  I have one last party post to share next week – the Pom Pom Poppers that the party goers made in between Lazer Tag games as well.  Stay tuned!!

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